windscribe Free 30GB per month VPN service license with code ZANAZADI

About this deal

About this deal
If you missed the last deal, there is a new code IRANONLY that gives you 30GB per month VPN service license for free

* Please enter the code manually, copy and paste doesn’t seem to work
** May only apply to new users

You can use Windscribe for free as long as you want. With a verified email address, you get 10GB/month of data, unlimited connections and access to 10+ countries. But with the code you can upgrade to 30 GB per month for free

how to get there

Sign up for a free Windscribe service Get Free – Windscribe
Confirm your email address to get 10 GB per month for free
Go to My Account
Under Account Status, select “Request Voucher”
Enter IRANONLY manually and select Claim

11 countries included

US Central, US East, US West, Canada East, Canada West, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, UK, Hong Kong, Turkey

Using VPNs in Iran

If you are presently located in Iran and require help connecting to the internet using Windscribe, don’t hesitate to contact support. Please keep in mind, however, that none of us speak Farsi (what can we say, nobody is perfect).

If you require additional bandwidth, you can download Windscribe  on your desktop or mobile phone and use the code ZANAZADI for 30GB of data.

If you are having trouble accessing the download page, there are plenty of mirrors and file sharing hosts that you can find through your favorite search engine (we recommend DuckDuckGo).

If you are located outside of Iran, we humbly request that you don’t use the code (you probably still will, but it is worth an ask); instead, spread it to anyone you know in Iran.

This code is not permanent, and the extra free data will be removed from the account in the future.


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